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Send us a message and let us invite you to our academy

Share your contact details and let us invite you to our academy

Kids and Juniors

I want my kid
to play tennis

Our aim is to increase the number of professional tennis players in Turkey. There is a long road that consists of national and international tournament play that leads down the professional path. Our instructors have worked with and trained players such as Çağla Büyükakçay, İpek Soylu, Başak Eraydın, Pemra Özgen and Sarp Agabigün. These same instructors will help your children realize their dreams of pursuing tennis as a profession.


It is possible for you to learn tennis or improve your game

If you want to learn tennis but are not sure whether or not you will like it we have a trial package that will be perfect for you.

If you have been playing tennis for a while but are losing to opponents you feel are not as good as you, if you are losing to players that play slowly but keep the game going or if you are failing to close points, we can help you get over that hump and improve your game.


We are in this

Tennis is part of the school of life, it is a journey. Players discover themselves during this journey, they face their fears, break barriers, check their thoughts and actions and improve their moral compass. This is not a path you need to walk alone. Our staff know this road well and live through it themselves, they know the type of support you need and will always be by your side. Become a member and let us walk down this path together.

Imagine a day at Optimum



Our friendly team welcomes you, then you enjoy the healthy food and drinks at Magus Cafe...


You play tennis on one of our 13 indoor and outdoor courts, and you get to choose one of the 4 different surfaces to play on.


After your game, you cool down at our fitness room...

Enjoy the

Then you take a shower and relax at the sauna...

Pro Shop

You browse the broad sortiment of tennis equipment at our tennis shop run by "Sporty's" and get your racquet strung...
Magus Kafe_yeni hali_330


Now you deserve a nice meal. You can watch others play while enjoying the conversation with your friends, contemplate the nature around you, and enjoy your turkish coffe.

What our friends say about us

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