Optimum Tennis College Counseling

What Sets Us Apart

• Data-driven consulting and strategy development
• Personal roadmaps according to individual needs
• We avoid ‘cold e-mail’ tactics
• Detailed information and broad networks in the field of education that our team has gained over the decades they have spent in the US
• Our expertise in athletes and especially tennis players
• We truly know and understand the culture and nuances of every state and university in the US, we believe that details like the ones below are crucial to understand:
• What are the demographic data at the university?
• What are the culture and values of the university?
• What are the culture and values of that state?
• How important is “Greek Life” in college?
• How much importance does the university attach to sports teams?
• Which majors is it known for?

Our Method

• Our first job is to learn the priorities of our student and his family. These priorities are different for everyone: getting a scholarship, having a specific department or major, being close to a big city, not being known as a party school, warm weather and many other criteria.
• We evaluate their academic and athletic achievements. We look at SAT and high school classes as academic indicators, and we look at their UTR score for tennis.
• After collecting this data, we get to work and evaluate universities and prepare our selected university list, taking into account the priorities, academic performance and athletic performance of our student.
• These steps outlined above are very important because it gives us the opportunity to make strategic choices, it is not our approach to send emails to 500 universities – maybe we will contact 30 universities, but in a way that appeals to each of them exclusively.
• Apart from these studies, we will be with you during SAT and AP preparation and application preparation.

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